Do you actually know the right way to get a girl’s phone number?

And I don’t mean “Hey, can I get your number?” or “What’s your Instagram?”

Most guys get a girl’s contact info in completely the wrong way which leaves both him and the girl in a bad position of never getting together.

To be honest with you, in this day and age, it’s actually really easy to get a girl’s phone number.

Back when phone numbers were actually a “big deal,” it was because she couldn’t see who was calling her and she had no idea who was on the other end.

It could be the cool guy she met at the mall.

- OR -

It could be a weird, creepy, obsessed stalker.

It was a HUGE risk any time she answered her phone.

These days it’s fine for her to give out her number because girls can just easily ignore messages or just straight block guys so they can never contact her again

Now the REAL question is do YOU know how to get the number the right way so can you actually get her on a date?

Will you actually ever see her again?

You’re not getting her number just to get her number.

You getting her number to see her again.

So today, I’m going to teach you a simple, yet POWERFUL technique that girls really like and if anything, builds attraction and an overall better experience if you do it the right way

That’s why it’s incredibly useful to use a technique called "The Time-Bridge” to set the date up in the most solid way possible.

If you do this right, the girl will absolutely love it and it’s going to be borderline impossible for her to not to show up because she knows she met a cool guy.

Before you even go for the phone number, you need to give her the reason why you’re getting her phone number in the first place - to see her again.

So throughout the conversation, you need to answer 5 questions about the date and why you’re seeing her again.

Listed below is the basic 5-step structure of the technique:

What - What are we doing?

Example - “Having a glass of wine”

When - When are we doing it?

Example - “Thursday @ 7 PM”

Where - Where are we doing it?

Example - “At the Bungalow Bar”

How - How are we going to get there?

Example - “I’ll pick you up on the way”

Why - Why do we want to see each other again? (Sexual Intent, Qualification & Goal)

Example - “Not only are you really cute (sexual intent), you’re actually really cool… not only do you love animals, but you love doing yoga and meditating. I find that so attractive (qualification). We should definitely meet up again, I’m actually curious about you and want to get to know you more (goal).”

Now, of course, don’t use this script word-for-word, this is just an example so you get the idea.

Be authentic and genuine with your “Why,” as it will serve you greatly because the girl will be able to tell you really like her.

Once all 5 of these questions are answered, there is a 90%+ chance the girl will show up - no exaggeration.

PRO TIP 1 - Make it fun for both of you and let her contribute and help answer these questions to increase the probability even more. The more she helps “build” the date, the more likely she is to show up and not forget you and the date you planned together

PRO TIP 2 - As you get better with the Time-Bridge Technique and to create an overall better experience for her, try to interweave these 5 questions and answers into the conversation so it’s a lot more natural and organic. As you get better with it, it will be so natural, that it will just be part of the conversation, not such an isolated, abrupt thing

PRO TIP 3 - After you do the time bridge and get her number, don’t run away and run a victory lap all the way home. Stay in longer and continue the conversation and make the connection between you two as solid as possible. The time-bridge technique and getting her number shouldn’t be at the end of the conversation, but as close to the middle as possible. That is the most natural and organic thing. Doing all this will increase the chances of you two getting together again greatly.

Once you have all 5 answers to the time bridge questions and all the details are finalized, you can say something like this:

“Perfect - we’ll have a glass of wine (WHAT) on Thursday at 7 (WHEN) at the Bungalow Bar (WHERE). I’ll pick you up on the way (HOW). I’ll be honest with you, not only are you really cute (sexual intent), you’re actually really cool… not only do you love animals, but you love doing yoga and meditating. I find that so attractive (qualification). We should definitely meet up again, I’m actually curious about you and want to get to know you more (goal) (WHY).”

IMPORTANT - DO NOT BE FOOLED! To make the Time-Bridge Technique work, your overall game and conversation with the girl must be good. The more solid your game and conversation is, the better the girl will remember you, your date, and how much you like each other.

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