So I’m sitting here in this cafe in Bali, and there are literally so many cute/hot girls walking around...

All of them are super fit and tanned skin from island living, in their cute sundresses, short shorts, and tank tops...

Sipping lattes and cappuccinos in their big "hot girl" sunglasses, talking and laughing with their friends, enjoying their day.

As perfect as this situation sounds, I remember moments like this used to absolutely terrify me.

I literally felt “chained to my chair,” completely afraid to get up and approach them...

It was because of the invisible prison I was trapped in for over 20+ years since the day I was born...

There are 3 invisible prisons when it comes to success with women…

And if you're living in one of them, you are doomed to feel trapped your whole life
Which of the 3 prisons do you live in?


"The Approach Machine"

(Confidence Only, No Understanding)

This guy has the confidence to approach women, but he has NO IDEA where to take the conversation until it ends up fizzling out and ends up going nowhere.


"The Theory Junkie"

(Understanding Only, No Confidence)

This guy reads articles, watches videos, and chats on groups/forums all day, but NEVER actually takes real action.

This results in his head filled with theories he doesn’t actually know if it’s correct or not because he’s actually never tested it and gotten results himself.


"The Involuntary Celibate"

(No Understanding, No Confidence)

This guy neither has the confidence, nor the understanding of how to get women.

He pretty much accepted the idea:

“Look, I wasn’t dealt a good hand in life - hopefully, I find a girl that is cute enough someday and she happens to like me enough and I’ll just stick with her...

... In the meantime, I’ll just focus on my career, my fitness, and my social circle and hopefully, those things will convince her that I'm cool enough so she likes me...

...Also, all those things can distract me from the fact that I have no control over the girls I get"


Again, which of the 3 prisons are you trapped in?

I'm not sure if you noticed, but there is one commonality that all the guys in the 3 prisons share...

They are all getting the same exact result.

Anywhere between zero to almost no results with women

Maybe once or twice a year, if even that - but they don’t have FULL CONTROL over their dating life and the relationships they end up in

They never know when the next girl is coming - could be months, could be years...

And when one finally comes along, hopefully, she is cute enough and likes him enough to date him

A guy in his invisible prison walks past super cute/hot girls every day - or - sees them on Facebook/Instagram and they think to himself...

“I wish I could get her… I wish a girl like this could like me… I hate how I can’t get the women I really want…"

“...I’ll just keep hoping and wishing something will happen and a hot girl will come into my life...”

Some guys have gone so long thinking this way, they think that it’s just part of life.

They don’t even think about it so much - they don’t even SEE these girls anymore as their brain blocks it out, it’s too painful to think about.

They distract themselves with things like TV shows, movies, music, hobbies, interests… literally anything that will distract them from the simple fact that they can’t get girls.

I know this because I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like...


What's like to be free from your invisible prison?

What's it like to have full freedom and your complete choice of women?

Imagine you could be anywhere and you see a girl that you think is super cute-hot-attractive, and you have both the skill and the confidence to approach her and to know that you actually have a very good chance of getting her if you wanted.

Now, you need BOTH...

(1) The skill - AND - (2) the confidence.

You want to get to the point that you have such a deep understanding of how women work, what to say, what to do, how to say it, how to do it

- AND -
You’ve gotten the experiences and results where you have bullet-proof confidence that you can actually get the girls that you want.

I promise you this:

If you’re still in your invisible prison today, you will be trapped there forever unless you do something about it

If you don’t change - if you don’t have both (1) the skill - AND - (2) the confidence, nothing will change for you.

At the end of your life, you will never know what it was like outside of the invisible prison that has engulfed you since the beginning...

If you are looking to escape your invisible prison and experience full freedom and complete choice with women, I’ll teach you how to do it so you can break your shackles today.

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Gabriel Grey
Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™