So Close To Getting Your Dream Girl But Yet So Far

The other day I was coaching a student in daygame.

We were walking the streets of Bali and then, there she was...

His perfect girl.

Tall, blonde, tanned skin and super sexy body.

"APPROACH", I told him.

He went in, started the conversation, had her interested for a few minutes and then...

He just did not know what to do.

You could see the attraction literally DIE.

You could see in her face how disappointed she was.

This was horrible to see as it was his dream girl.

What I told him after was this:

"There are 2 worlds that exist. 1 world that you are currently in right now. This is the world where you approached that girl and absolutely nothing happened. 

But there is another world that exists where you approached that same girl and you knew what to do! Everything you said to her just worked, she was loving you, the attraction was high, there was sexual tension... and all of this is because in this world you KNEW WHAT TO DO! in this world, you actually got that girl"

Now it really is sad to see how so many guys are destined to live a life in the first world where it is so possible for them to get to that second world.

I want you to think about this:

How many opportunities with women have you lost for some reason to do with your flawed game.

When I was learning game and I started getting interest from girls and then for whatever reason they would just go cold during the interaction... I used to think to myself:

"There is a world where I would be able to get this girl If I knew exactly what I was doing"

I could see that there was a window for me to get her, I just didn't take the opportunity.

So what world are you living in?

The main thing to always understand is that what separates these worlds is a skill set.

If you learn the skill set you bridge that gap and get closer to your potential in mastering your dating life.

The great thing is: this skill set does not discriminate. No matter who you are you can learn it. 

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Gabriel Grey
Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™