“Just be yourself” is common advice you hear from many dating companies.

They will tell you: “You just need to be yourself to get results with women”.

Which is good advice.

Don’t get me wrong, being true to ourselves is good advice and most dating companies have good intentions.

But what they don’t know is that there is a far more effective approach.

The problem with being “yourself” is that there is no room to improve your character.

There is a method, in which you can be authentic and still get amazing results.

It’s called being your authentic best version.

In this video I will explain to you exactly what I mean when I say “Being yourself is a terrible advice”

And put you in front of an uncomfortable truth, that will shatter your reality, but will bring you prosperity, abundance and happiness in the long term.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction

00:30: Why being yourself is straight out bad advice 

03:22: What you should do instead 

06:55: Why this kind of advice is so common 

08:40: This holds most people back in their dating life

12:20: Conclusion



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