I am sure you have heard that only 7 percent of communication is verbal and 93 percent nonverbal.

Your body language says so much about yourself.

People will perceive you like a low value man if you have the wrong body language.

The problem is most people think that they have no issue with this topic.

But I see it over and over again.

Guys making the same mistakes.

If you are making these mistakes, it will be hard for you to get any results with women.

But just with a few tips you can adjust your body language.

People will perceive you as more confident.

In this video I am going to show you:

• What bad body language is.

• What bad posture communicates to the world.

• What you need to know to fix your body language in order to be perceived as a high value male.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction

00:30: What the space you take up communicates about you 

01:57: Why showing your weak points is asserting your dominance

03:42: How to move like a high value man 

04:56: Why it is so important to have a open body language 

06:32: One simple tip to better your posture

08:20: Conclusion



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