Well, I just had a call with that guy.

  • He is 35.
  • He is a virgin.
  • Never kissed a girl.

  • But, he has one thing going for him that so many guys lack.

    He is willing to do whatever it takes to change.

    I have loads of respect for him. And there is no reason why he will not achieve his goal of getting a girlfriend now that he is onboard the surgical method program.

    Everyone has this point they reach in their dating lives which I like to call the “Snapping Point”.

    It's the point where you literally just snap and realize ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    You have to make a change.

    You cannot keep going through life with the dating life that you currently have.
    It is not an option anymore.

    You are sick and tired of being lonely, frustrated and not getting the women you want.

    You have reached the “Snapping Point”.


    For some, they snap after a terrible night of rejections, for others they snap after realizing that they have no control over their dating life and will not be able to get the girls they want, ever.

    Whatever it is…

    Everyone has their “snapping point”.

    When will yours be?

    Have you already had it and been too weak to make the decisions and changes that you already know you need to make.

    Once you have snapped there is no going back;)

    By this I mean, once you have reached that point, you know deep down that you not only need to change but you HAVE NO CHOICE.

    It is actually a liberating moment. Your life is about to change.


    I hit the snapping point 10 years ago in Thailand.

    I was out at a bar with my friends and they all laughed and teased me for being such a loser with women.

    That was my snapping point.

    I knew I had to do whatever it took to learn how to get the hot women I wanted.
    I spent the next decade of my life fixated with doing whatever it took.

    And now that I have the ability to walk outside my house and literally find a new girlfriend, I am completely happy with where I am at in my dating life.

    I now want to help others get this handled.

    If you have hit that snapping point it's time to make a change.


    This is why I personally made it my mission to put together a program that has transformed hundreds of guys dating lives around the world.

    Guys have had their first kiss, lost their virginity, met their girlfriends and learnt how to have rotations of women chasing them through the program.

    Even if you have not hit that snapping point just yet, it is coming…

    You need to act now before the snapping point gets to you.

    If you feel like you are ready to truly make a change and finally jump onboard a program that has changed men's dating life across the globe.

    Then click the blue botton below to schedule a free strategy session with me. 

    It's time to make a change isn't it?

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    Gabriel Grey
    Gabriel Grey

    Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™