Skinny Nerd vs Jacked Handsome Chad: Who Gets The Girl? (Controversial Article)


Im writing this post after my 4th lay in the last week. (from opening around 8 girls)
Im not sharing this to brag, as I don’t think getting results with women is anything to brag about. It's just normal.
Im sharing this because a guy like me should simply should not be getting these kinds of results


Last week something really crazy happened..

I met this guy who didn’t really know me but he got really angry and frustrated when he saw me pulling a Russian brunette cutie.

Why was he angry?

Because according to him, he should be getting that girl.

But he didn’t.

He never will.

This guy was in great shape and decent looking but his lack of game KILLED HIM.

He’s angry because he has been fed a lie.

I want to get more into this lie that’s destroying so many men’s dating lives…
But first…

Since I have been in Bali I have met tons of guys that are seriously good looking (no homo;)) they are wealthy, lots are even taller than me BUT THEY SUCK WITH GIRLS.
It is so common.

They can get the girls they don’t want as they are relying on their look for that instant attraction but the girls they actually want they cannot get.


There was a phrase that 2 of these guys said to me:

“On paper im a perfect catch”

Yes on paper, being tall jacked and handsome is great. And it will 100 % affect your results with women.

But these guys will be walking with me and watching my game and have so much fear of approaching beautiful girls and having no clue what to say or do if she is not instantly attracted.

On paper, if I look at myself, yes I am tall so that’s a plus but I know im a skinny nerdy looking guy and that’s why my results make people angry.

When I go into an interaction I simply know what to do.

While these other guys were sucked into society’s lies I went the other way.
They focused on getting jacked to get hot girls, **I focused on getting game to get hot girls.

This is not a post about not going to the gym, I think that’s great. Any exercise is good.

But if you think getting 2 kgs more muscle is drastically going to affect the way you develop attraction, make her chase, get her connected to you, form sexual tension, know how to pull, etc then you are a FOOL!


And yes, if you look sick and unhealthy, that will work against you of course.

Look, All I am saying is that I have probably met around 15 guys in the past 3 months that SHOULD BE GETTING RESULTS WITH WOMEN.


On paper, they win.

In the field, I win.


Looking better, being more fashionable and going to gym can only help of course. But if you have no game don’t expect that the shirt you decide to wear can run an interaction for you.

Don’t expect that your abs can get you to walk up to a family and understand how to deal with the father, win over the mom and isolate the daughter.

This is game.


Your jeans or jawline can only take you so far.

Does this post make you angry?

Does this post get you triggered?

Well good!

Stop and take a look at exactly what you are doing in your dating life to improve it.

If you continue by trying to add that extra 2 kgs of muscle while my students are working on their game, they will beat you.

I see it all the time, for the past decade.

On paper, I shouldn’t be the type of guy that consistently dates the most beautiful women in the world.
Luckily for me, I know the game is not played on paper.

Luckily for me, I chose to learn game.

It’s up to you now to see the truth and start focusing on game.
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Gabriel Grey
Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™