The short answer is: Absolutely Yes!

I wanted to make a short post commenting on this principle with my thoughts and insights after nearly a decade of focusing on this area.

Dating women is a skill set.

It can be learnt.

It can be broken down.

Ultimately it can be mastered.

For this to happen you need to treat meeting women the same way you would treat any area or activity in life in which you want to develop competence in.

Be it: a musical instrument, a language or a sport, there are certain skills that need to be acquired in your pursuit of gaining competence in the chosen area.

Meeting women is no different. You have to spend the time developing your skill set in order to achieve consistent results.

Let me say that again. Learing to meet is not different to playing piano, playing tennis or mastering chess.

If you see it any different, you will not treat it as a skill set and you will not get to the level you desire.

Dating can be broken down into: techniques, systems, structures, tactics and methods.

All of the above can be learnt.

Now if meeting women is a skill set then where does your mood or emotional state fit into the equation?

Well, imagine this ....

if you are a newbie at chess and you are in your absolute best mood you have ever been in....

Do you think you will have a chance to beat a grand chess master in his worst mood?


Skill set trumps mood.

Technique trumps emotional state.

Competence trumps confidence.

I know for a fact that my skills in meeting women in my very worst mood, destroys my skills a year ago at my best emotional state.


Because my skill set has improved. That's it. Nothing else. My skills are better than they were a year ago.

Treat meeting women as a skill set and you will be able to get the results you want.


Your dating life 

can be learnt.
can be broken down!
can be mastered!

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Gabriel Grey
Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™