I bet you know that feeling before a date with a cute girl. 

You know that excitement mixed with nervousness.

You are super excited to see her, but also nervous as you don't want to mess it up.

And then, the date might even be going well but it gets to a point where you simply have no clue how to move things forward sexually.

And now, the longer the date goes, the girl is getting more and more bored.

She wanted you to move things forward and was so disappointed that you did not.

This is what I want to discuss in this video. 

After watching this, you will know exactly how to show her your sexual intentions in a way that will make her extremely attracted to you during your date.  


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction

00:33: Why most guys mess up their first date

02:05: Why you need to be sexual on your first date

02:25: How to build sexual tension on the date 

04:25: What happens if you to scared to sexually escalate 

05:01: Conclusion



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