Have you ever wondered why girls love series like Vampire Diaries?

Well it’s because their dream guys are portraits that evoke a girl's secret sexual desires and fantasies. 

Would you like girls fantasizing about you as well…

Imagine you are the one thing they are thinking about all day.

In this video I will break down a movie scene and will show you exactly how the main character seduces women.

And why it works so well, so you can apply it in the real world and make girls fantasize about you. 

Even though it is just a movie scene, there is so much to learn here.

After mastering what I will show you in this video. You will be able to seduce women in a way that makes them fantasies about you.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction

02:58: You can’t build sexual tension without understanding this

03:20: The second key factor if you want to build sexual tension

04:27: How and what to say in order to make her sexually attracted to you

08:30: How to release the tension and make her chase you

12:13: Conclusion 



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