“I can’t talk to her, I am not feeling good”. 

If you ever thought something along those lines we need to have a serious conversation. 

Many guys think when they are talking to the opposite sex, they need to feel confident and good in order to get results. 

In a way I can understand that. You want to present your best self. 

But we can’t let our feelings have control over our lives. 

There is a simple thing that all successful guys have in common.

These are also the guys that are successful in their dating lives and get the women the desire.

They are able to deliver no matter how they feel.

Imagine being one of them.

Confidence in your skills set a true alpha male.

What really matters, is that when we are out there and meet the women of our dreams, we are able to attract her and have a nice genuine conversation, no matter how we feel. 

In this video I am going to show you how to be the master of your emotions.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction

00:30: Why relying on your feeling hurts your results with women

04:03: What really matters to get results

06:03: The perfect analogy 

08:34: How to master your dating life without relying on your feelings

09:57: Conclusion 



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