Everyone needs a little validation here and there and I must admit my ego got the best of me...

I was at a coffee shop having lunch in Bali with my good friend SQL Andrew Mioch when this beautiful girl sits down at a table nearby.

Taking selfies and listening to music in her headphones with the look of "I am hot and I know it".

Physically she was my perfect 10. exactly my type!

And then Andrew said it:

"Let's see what Mr. Gabriel Grey can do..."

Game on...

The pressure was on.

Long story short, I had to use every technique, principle and mindset that I teach in the Surgical Method Program to be able to attract her and land up dating her.

I could tell she had never met a guy like me.

By that I mean, a guy who isn't desperate to impress her and has the intention of giving her a great experience.

Really cool girl when you break through that hard bitchy frame.

Had many crazy experiences with her.

She had two guys literally paying for everything for her to try to seduce her, she had big alpha males hitting her up all the time while I was with her.

All I had was good game.

That's all I needed.

The reason I am telling you this story is simple.

  • Game is not about approaching thousands of girls and hoping one likes you.
  • Game is more than that.

Game is more than that.

  •  Game is about learning a skill set so you have the power and the choice.
  •  Game is about seeing a girl in a coffee shop and getting her.
  • Yes everyone gets rejected, and I do too.

    But I know that because I have a skill set I can adjust and calibrate to different situations and use my skill set to get consistent results with hot girls.

    When you learn game you will start seeing the power.

    And when you do, there is no going back.

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    Gabriel Grey

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