I was out the other night at this bar and a few of my old friends were watching me game this super cute Spanish brunette.

They were just staring at me… (I am used to this though...)

I am not friends with these guys anymore and they remember me as this super lame, weird loser.

They were all standing there just watching me with this anger oozing off of them.

I found it pretty funny, to be honest.

I see so many guys full of anger and frustration when they see my results with women.

If only they saw my nerdy 20-year-old student pulling 2 models last week...


Why are they angry?

Because I am not meant to get hot girls.


I am nerdy looking.

Super skinny (actively going to gym now to change this;))

I am a massive introvert.

I don't actually like socializing much.

And yet, I get hotter girls more consistently than almost anyone on earth.

So I can understand why this angers people.

And I'm not saying this to brag. If you know me you know I am not about that.

I am saying this because it's a reality.


When students watch my game and see my results the same thing always happens.

“Gabriel, this is what I needed to see! You broke my reality”

“Gabriel, how the hell are you doing this?!”

“Gabriel, I am bigger than you, cooler then you and more social yet I cannot do what you doing”

I love this.

I know that a guy like me is breaking people's realities wide open.

I know that people get triggered by this.

“How the f**k can a skinny introverted nerd get hotter girls than me! It doesnt make sense”

Well, it does.

I have good game.

I know what I am doing.

I know how to do it.


The nerdy kid who pulled two models is a perfect indication of this point.

He is 20 years old.

A giant nerd (he won't mind me saying this haha)

He was so socially awkward when I first met him.

He loves science, maths, and reading.

You get the point.

Yet he pulled two models with the program.


When I posted the video online (with the student's permission) , sooooo many guys were angry and upset about this.

They simply cannot handle it.

They cannot handle that their little reality is a lie.

They cannot handle that they have zero skills with women.

Well, they may never ever find a way out.

They will stay bitter forever.

But if you are reading this, you have already swallowed the red pill so to speak.

You know better.

You know the truth.

You know you can learn game and get hot girls.

It's simple.

Or you can just be the angry bitter guy that gets triggered by my results and my students' results.


Now if you want to make a change then there is only one answer.

Get onboard the program that taught this kid how to pull 2 models.

Get onboard the program that is going to teach you exactly what you need to know to break out of the matrix and get hot girls.

And before you know it, your old friends will be triggered by your results too.


If you want to join the program, simply click this link now and hop on a call with me and we'll see if you are the right fit.

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Gabriel Grey

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