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I bet you have been in this situation. 

You see this gorgeous girl, that is exactly your type walking by.

You feel a bit tense, your heart is beating, but still, you decide to approach her. 

And then… 

Nothing, she acts as if she didn’t even hear you. No emotional reaction at all. She looks at you as if you were some random creep. 

Trust me I have approached thousands of beautiful women like that. And I have found some amazing pick-up lines, that will steal a laugh even from the most confident and skeptical girls. 

The beautiful thing is, once she laughs the ice is broken, and everything can happen. 

Suddenly you have become a funny confident guy that stands out from the boring rest. You could wind up taking her home that day, seeing her on a date, or she could even become your next girlfriend. 

You don’t believe me? All you need to do is, watch this video and test it for yourself.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction 

01:00: The polar bear 

01:27: The jamaica opener 

01:44: You blew me away opener 

02:32: The heaven opener 

03:25: The girlfriend opener

03:55: Why these lines actually work 

04:00: Conclusion 



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