Have you ever had a really good conversation with a girl you like? The conversation really flowed, she laughed at your jokes and you really liked each other.

You exchange numbers and set up the next date with her.

And then...

She gives you some random excuse and she can’t make it or worse no response at all…..


What do you do now? How can you turn this around?

(No worries Gabriel has got this for you)

In this video I am going to outline the mistake that almost every guy makes, when a girl flakes on him. 

And how you have to behave, so that she actually wants to meet up with you again. 


Time Stamps

00:00: Introduction

01:26: Do everything before you fall victim to this crucial mistake 

02:07: Do this after she has flaked on you

03:37: What you should write if she doesn’t respect your time 

04:40: The painful truth about being flaked on 

05:20: Conclusion



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