Should you bring up her ex-boyfriend? Some say you should never ever talk about her ex.

Well this isn’t always true. You are missing out on so much crucial information, if you avoid this topic.

But if you bring him up the wrong way it could cause uncomfortable feelings and ruin the interaction.

In this video I am going to show you:

  • How to bring this topic up the right way

  • What you can learn from the girl, if she talks about her ex-boyfriends

  • How this information can improve your interactions drastically

So, you can use this information. To get to know the girl better and have more chances of ending up with her.


Time Stamps:

00:00: Introduction

00:44: Why there is no black and white answer

01:42: What are the benefits of bringing up her ex-boyfriend 

02:37: How you get a better understanding of what the girl actually likes

04:00: The big conclusion 



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