I am going to be real with you....

Think back to your school days.

If you needed help with mathematics, what did you do?

Get extra lessons.

If you wanted to learn a sport, you got a coach.

If you want to actually get the body you dream of, you get some form of trainer.

When it comes to getting girls.

“I don't need help with that! I have that handled”.
“I am too good for that stuff”
“I don't need help”


The only person that is suffering because of your giant ego is YOU.

Noone else cares.

Noone else is being affected.

Your ego is only stopping you from the experiences that you should be having with women.

If you want to get better with women get a coach or mentor. Period.

“Ah Gabriel, your a coach so its obvious you are saying this”

Pathetic mindset once again.

Yes of course I benefit from having more people onboard my program but ultimately I can say what I say because my program gets people results.

If it didn't I would not have the authority to back this up.

Student results are everything.
But why are these students getting results?

Well one big reason is because on the program I do calls EVERY SINGLE WEEK with them.

  • Answering questions
  • Calling out their blind spots
  • Troubleshooting their game
  • Giving them exercises to overcome their sticking points
  • And more…

I answer every question on the mastermind group.

They have a coach who wants them to get results.

They are investing in this area just like anyone would in any other area that they want to improve.

It really is simple.

If you want to get better in an area, find someone who is good and learn from him.

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Gabriel Grey

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