Most guys have no idea how to tell if a girl actually likes them.

Because of this, they either try too hard or they get super nervous and land up making her uncomfortable.

Is it possible to tell if she likes you?

The answer is definitely yes.

There are certain signals a girl will give you when she likes you, you have to make sure to look out for them!

So what are these signals?

Well let's break this down properly.

When a girl likes you she will show you interest.

If she doesn't like you she will show disinterest.

What are some signs of interest?

Well, we can break this down further into verbal and nonverbal interest.

Verbal Interest:

  1. She gives you compliments
  2. She fills in the silences
  3. Constant questions

Nonverbal Interest:

  1. She faces you
  2. She is comfortable when you get close to her
  3. She holds eye contact with you
  4. She touches you
  5. She is comfortable when you touch her
  6. She plays with her hair or plays nervously with her glass/straw etc

Now that we know the sign of interest, all you need to know is start looking out for them.

What's very important to understand is that you need to look for what I call a CLUSTER of interest and not just one sign in isolation. By this I mean, just because she faces you, does not mean she likes you. Just because she holds eye contact does not mean she likes you. If you get a whole cluster of verbal and nonverbal interest then it is safe to come up with the assumption of “ She likes me”.

How many signs of interest constitute a cluster

Well, I cannot give you an exact number. All I can say is make sure to look out for all the signs of interest and over time you will have a better calibration for knowing exactly when she likes you.

Now let's look at disinterest.

Verbal Disinterest:

  1. She insults you
  2. She does not fill in the silences
  3. She does not ask you questions

Nonverbal Disinterest:

  1. She doesn't face you
  2. She is not comfortable when you get close to her
  3. She does not hold eye contact with you
  4. She does not touch you
  5. She is not comfortable when you touch her
  6. She does not play with her hair or play nervously with her glass/straw, etc.

Again it is important to look for signs of disinterest in a CLUSTER and not in isolation.

Now you have all the signs and understanding to know if and when she likes you.

This is going to give you a lot of power within the interaction as now you will be able to move things forward without questioning if she actually likes you.

You will also be able to know very quickly if she is just making small talk, and she doesn't actually like you at all.

I still encourage you to keep all of this in the back of your mind so it doesn't make you nervous or uncomfortable if you can't pick up on all the signals.

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