Most guys have ZERO discipline.

They don't and can't commit to anything.

So you are not alone here.

Start going to the gym to get that 6 pack, and give up after a few months.

Start eating healthy to lose weight and give up after a few months.

Well, the same applies to game.

Most guys know for a fact that if they simply take more action they will get the girls they want.

But they GIVE UP.

No discipline.

Discipline can be trained and worked on but you first need your WHY.

This is STEP 1.


WHY is getting girls important to you?

Why is improving your game important to you.

Without your why you will most likely give up.

When it comes to choosing between watching a movie and taking action, the only thing that will kick you out of the door is your WHY.

Think right now! What is your WHY


Once you have it, now it's about looking at what you have to sacrifice to achieve it.

You may have to sacrifice your movies, Netflix, seeing friends, etc.

This is part of it.

Yes, step 1 is your why.

But without Step 2 of sacrificing certain things, you will never achieve what you want.

Then STEP 3 comes into play.


You have to understand that even with a why and understanding of what you have to sacrifice, that is not enough.

Now its time to take lots of action over long periods of time.



Hang around people that have similar views and behaviors. If you hang around others that have a similar WHY, it will be easier for you to stay on the right track.

Do these 4 steps and over time you will look back and realize you now have this quality called DISCIPLINE.

Now, Discipline is just one aspect, the next is having a structure.

Knowing exactly what to say and do in every interaction.

Discipline and structure are a deadly combination that cannot be beaten.

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