Picture this.

You see a beautiful girl at a bar, just your type...

She really is the type of girl you got into the game for.

You gather the courage to approach and instantly she starts laughing at your teases.

It is going so well! Better then you could have wished for!

You feel so good that this super hot girl is laughing at every word out of your mouth.

All your teases and jokes are hitting!

You fantasizing in your head: “What would it be like to date this girl” “Can you imagine what my friends will think of me”.

The interaction is so fun that there is nothing that can go wrong.

And then…


Yes, she got bored and simply walked away!


Has this happened to you before?

You probably have no idea what you did wrong, but its actually extremely simple.

And most guys keep making this huge mistake.

These guys are what I like to call “Dancing Monkeys”

You can also call them clowns or entertainers.

Girls laugh at the clowns they do not sleep with them.

Just because you are getting emotional reactions does not mean you have got the girl.

Its just step 1.

Most guys make girls laugh and they love that feeling of validation so much that they want more and more and more!

They keep making her laugh and she loves it.


And then you try have a serious conversation or get to know her and she is gone.


Well once you have hit that point of being placed as a dancing monkey, there is no going back!

The key is to never ever get to that point.

Instead after a few emotional reactions SWITCH FROM PLAYFUL TO GENUINE.

This is the key.

Don’t get addicted to her emotional reactions. They are not going to get you to where you want to go.

You have to switch from playful to genuine.

Its your job.

How do you do this?

By simply changing your tone to a more genuine tone and not joking around and saying: “Okay, lets get serious for a second, I want to know more about you… tell me xyz about you”

This switch needs to be done.

Without it you are risking becoming the dancing monkey instead of the cool guy that can make her laugh and have a conversation with her.

Now, it may be tough at the time to cut off all this validation that she is giving you.

Your brain is telling you “just tell more jokes, shes laughing!”

No, stop! And go genuine!

This will increase the chances drastically of having a SOLID interaction and not having her walk away when the the dancing monkey has stopped entertaining her.

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Gabriel Grey
Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™