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Have you ever seen a beautiful girl on the dance floor but you couldn’t get her interested? 

There are certain guys in the club that seem to just get it.

Imagine being one of them.

You see all those beautiful girls with their short dresses and their perfectly done hair.

As soon as you speak to them, they are looked in on every word that comes out of your mouth.

The just follow you everywhere you go.

You can be that guy.

But I see most guys making the same mistakes, simply put, they don't understand how to get her attention and move things forward. 

In this video I am going to show you how to become that guy that women go crazy over on the dance floor without knowing how to do crazy dance moves


Time Stamps

00:00: Introduction

00:22: You need to understand this first before you get girls on the dance floor

02:22: This is how you get her attention on the dance floor

03:30: How to take the interaction forward on the dance floor

04:49: Avoid the mistake that all the other guys are making 

06:00: Conclusion 



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