Someone is chasing more in every interaction.

What do I mean by this?

Well either she is chasing you more or you are chasing her more.

But someone is chasing.

Who needs who more.

Well in 99.9 percent of cases, its the guy chasing the girl.

He not only wants her but he NEEDS HER.

Wanting is good. Wanting comes from a place of power.

But needing is weak. It comes from a place of scarcity.

What I see over and over again on the Surgical Method Mastermind is how guys are now able to get girls chasing them through dhving correctly, dropping hooks, the correct attraction techniques and more.

3 Steps To Get Her Chasing You:

Step 1: 

The first step to getting her to chase you is by you deciding to STOP CHASING.

She cannot chase you if you are chasing her.

It will not work.

Step 2:

Bring awareness to your behaviour.

You cannot stop a behaviour if you have no clue you are even doing it.

Start to analyse your interactions and have a serious look into how much you are actually chasing the girl.

Drop you ego in this step. Be willing to admit that you have certain parts that need work. This is okay!

Step 3:

Learn the techniques and mindsets to get her chasing you.

The first 2 steps are only the start. Now you need to make sure you are doing,saying and thinking the right things to get her chasing.

I have seen so many guys in literally a 3 minute conversation with a girl mess it up because they are not allowing her to chase.

If you do the right thing, she will chase you.

And trust me, the game is so much funner when the girl you like is chasing you!

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Gabriel Grey
Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is an Executive Dating Coach at SOCIAL HACKER™